Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What do I currently like?

1. shows about "little people":

little people?- check!
chocolate?- check!

their names are Bill and Jen
they are little

2. this website:

Please, someone, find the picture of the Bacon Cheese Turtleburgers and make them for me, they are so cute! (in a revolting way)

3. The Dog Whisperer
I realize I am way behind on watching this show, but it fascinates me (and Teets)- we are currently trying to implement his methods on one of our dogs (I'll let you guys quess which one we AREN'T working with)
1. I love Cesar's teeth
2. I love his accent
3. I love when he acts like a dog
4. I love the "zap the dog on the side and say shh" technique
5. I love when he says something to the dog's owners like this:
"want to know why the dog acts so badly?...because of YOU"
6. but I DON'T like when Teets looks pointedly at me after Cesar says
something like that.

4. Cake Boss

I don't even like cannolis, yet I crave them while watching this show.
If I could have any kind of cake I wanted (in case anyone wants to make one for me)- here are some ideas:
-replica of my dogs (yeah I'd still eat it)
-exact model of The Swamp (with a scoreboard that we are beating a team coached by Lane Kiffin)
-a mountain with people skiing (I love his cakes with miniature people)

5. all the snow we are getting
yeah I said it, so what? I'm not FROM Ohio so it's still cool to me. I don't have to shovel it or plow it, I just feel if it's going to be cold, why not snow. I'd choose snow over 95% humidity anyday.

6. Mrs. T's frozen pierogies


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My biggest fan...

oh Rob Deer- your tenacity inspires me.
so I shall write.
first, a SHOUT-OUT to Macie!!!


right now I'm super pissed bc I'm in a class full of hopeful and naive wanna-be teachers. They talk about these amazing and wonderful lesson plans and parents that are involved- blah blah blah- don't worry readers (Rob Deer), I'm there to tell them how it REALLY is.
I speak not because I care, but because if I don't, I'll stab my eyes with my pen from sheer boredom.

My favorite part about this past weekend:
- not the sausage house, although that was delish
- not 80s Band's surprised face- although that was an awesome surprise (Brooke planned a great party)
It was a moment I was sitting with 80sband's parents and Rob Deer's parents.
yes, them and me.
I dont even know what anyone else was doing, including my husband, bc frankly I didn't care.
It was entertainment at its finest.
we drank, we laughed, we drank, Rob Deer's dad had SEVERAL moments of amazing phrases of speech- my favorite being when he decided it was time to go home, he told Rob Deer's mom that they needed to go home and "talk about their love".

the only part I missed was the late-night dance party.
there was an attempt but instead I ate perogies and waited for Rob Deer to come back downstairs (he never did- apparently he was "tired")....

mmm perogies.....

Monday, January 4, 2010

It's's paperrrrr

Hi Rob Deer- just want to see if you really are still checking on the blog.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gone Fishin'

I'm on a sabbatical for now.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

ok so last night Bill T. went to a Cavs game with his parents.
We had really really good seats (about 10 rows back from the court)- I was starstruck and giddy (I even told Bill I would sacrifice "stuff" to buy Cavs season tix- Cavs fever baby!)- It was super fun but the guy who seemed to be having the most fun? Lebron James. really. When he wasn't playing, he was 100% cheering on his team and when a guy would do something great- he would jump off the bench and start playing air guitar (you know, the one where you get on your knees and really rock out!)- here is a picture of how many people are on the court just before the game starts...

New cereal addiction:

Latest prank done to me at work:

(if you can't tell- they taped closed the box of Fruity Cheerios)
oh those brainiacs...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Work Hijinks

so I get back from lunch to this:

culprits: those 2 fools that I drew a picture of from Friday's blog...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday fodder

first off thank you jesus it's Friday.
this week was the SLOWEST week this year so far....
so slow, that I drew this picture at work yesterday:
(2 guys I work with that sit in the office and give me a hard time)

I think it's a pretty good rendering.
Bill T- you think it's good?

The other thing I want to share is that on the way to work I heard an old Brian Adams song...(Mike and Mike were on commercial break)- and I remembered that I was in a Brian Adam's video!!!
Back in middle school (I think)- my 2 friends and I went to a B.A. concert- my father drove us and they were both going to sleep over after the show (on a school night!)- at the end of the concert, B.A. announced that anyone who wanted to stay in the audience after the show could bc he was going to be filming a video. The catch, you could NOT leave and come back inside (meaning we could not tell my father, who was coming to pick us up, that we were going to be late)- (this was also before cell phones, although I did have a purple beeper, but I digress)- so, I made the decision to just say and hope my father didn't freak out.
We stayed.
The backs of our heads are in the video.
After the filming, we left the arena to go find my father in the parking lot.
I was sweating bullets with nerves that I was going to get screamed at in front of my friends.
He was asleep in the car waiting for us.
He had no clue we were late. The fact that barely any other cars were in the parking lot didn't seem to register with him.
"Have a good time girls?"